Houseboat Meals

Houseboat Meals

"Do-It-Yourself" Meals

When you plan all your meals in advance and create one complete grocery-shopping list, it’ll ensure you have everything you need once aboard your houseboat. If anything’s forgotten, it’ll mean returning to the marina for supplies.

  • Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ: Groceries can be purchased at Super Walmart and Safeway.
  • Bullfrog Marina in Bullfrog, UT: The closest grocery stores are a couple of hours away in Blanding, UT; Price, UT; and Grand Junction, CO. At Bullfrog, there’s a small convenience store with limited groceries available. It’s best to bring all your food and beverages with you.

Note: In case supplies get low... beer, wine, and liquor are available at our marina stores.

Grocery Delivery Program

Available at Wahweap Marina only

Captains & Crews Lake Powell Houseboat Delivery provides our houseboat customers with a large selection of products and produce conveniently delivered to your houseboat on the day of departure. Spend more time on the lake with your friends and family, and less time shopping and packing coolers. Your food. Your way.