Houseboating FAQs

Houseboating FAQs

Have questions? Let us help.

Can you fly to Lake Powell?

Yes. Scheduled service to Page, AZ (Wahweap Marina) is available from Phoenix and Denver via Contour Airlines. There are private landing strips at Page, AZ; Bullfrog, UT; and Halls Crossing, UT. If you choose to drive, here are directions for getting to Lake Powell.

Who captains the houseboat?

Our guests typically captain the houseboat themselves or hire one our Coast Guard certified captains from marina services. If you prefer to hire one of our captains, be sure to submit this request well in advance of your arrival date. Please contact us for more details.

How much experience is required to drive a houseboat?

Anyone can drive a houseboat who is 18 years of age and older with a valid drivers license. Our expert staff will provide you with thorough instruction so you can feel comfortable driving the boat. We also offer complimentary captain services to get you in and out of the marina. Once you you’re out of the marina area, you’ll take over.

How long does houseboat instruction take?

We tailor our houseboat instruction not only by each boat model but also every guest. This ensures that our instructors cover all the functions and operating procedures, creates an open dialogue for guests with specific questions and makes sure the guest is comfortable with their boat prior to leaving the dock. This process can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, on average. We encourage you to view our training video and safety videos prior to arriving the marina.

What are the Pick-Up and Return times for houseboats?

Pick-up and drop-off times vary by season and by houseboat type. Look for this info under the Policies section for each houseboat.

NOTE: Each houseboat has an assigned block of time for pick-up and return. Adhering to this schedule allows us to properly prepare your houseboat and to give you instruction. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us stick with this schedule.

Can I travel with more than 12 people on the houseboat?

Coast Guard Regulations mandate a maximum of 12 people on the houseboat anytime you are moving on the water. When you’re beached and anchored you can have more than 12 on the boat.

What is the smoking policy on houseboats?

Our houseboats feature smoke-free interiors. Ashtrays are provided for those guests who wish to smoke outside the cabin. Guests are encouraged to use the ashtrays rather than dispose of debris in the lake or on the shore.

What is the pet policy for houseboats?

Pet policies vary by houseboat type. Look for this info under the Policies section for each houseboat.

What’s provided with the houseboat?

Our houseboats are equipped with your comfort in mind and include fully equipped kitchens, stocked with plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, pots, pans and utensils, bed linens and towels, a BBQ grill, deck chairs, and water slides. A complete list of accessories is available for each houseboat type on the houseboat detail page.

How do I plan meals on the houseboat?

There are two options for meal planning: Do-It-Yourself Meals and Grocery Delivery Program (available only for houseboats departing from Wahweap Marina). When planning Do-It-Yourself Meals, it’s important to plan all your meals in advance and create one complete grocery-shopping list—to ensure you have everything you need once aboard your houseboat. If anything’s forgotten, it’ll mean returning to the marina for supplies. 

Do I need a powerboat?

Yes, we highly recommend that you either rent or bring a powerboat or personal watercraft. Consider your houseboat your base camp and use your small craft for water adventure activities and exploring. Smaller watercraft allows you to explore deeper into canyons and see much more of the lake in a shorter period of time while using about the same amount of gas.

Can I tow small boats?

Yes, you can tow powerboats and small boats easily behind your houseboat.

What is the travel time to various canyons from Wahweap Marina when cruising on Houseboats versus Powerboats?

Travel time and approximate miles to various canyons from Wahweap Marina depends on what kind of watercraft you are using to explore the canyons. We will be happy to supply you with a map and guidance when you check-in for your houseboat.

What is the travel time to various canyons from Bullfrog Marina when cruising on Houseboats?

Travel time and approximate miles to various canyons from Bullfrog Marina depends on what kind of watercraft you are using to explore the canyons. We will be happy to supply you with a map and guidance when you check-in for your houseboat.

How's the fishing on the lake and where can I get fishing licenses?

Lake Powell has excellent fishing for Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Channel Catfish, and more. You will want to purchase a fishing license before you arrive. If you are fishing near the dam, you will have to get an Arizona stamp.

Are firearms allowed within the National Park?

Please refer to the Nation Park Service website.

How much fuel will I use?

The amount of fuel you use depends on the type of houseboat you rent, how far you go, and what kind of small watercraft you have. We suggest you use the houseboat’s damage deposit as a guide for estimating fuel expense.

Are there extra fees I should be aware of?

Yes. Extra fees include:

  • Park entrance fees, fee information available here
  • 3% Utility Pass-Through Charge for the park
  • 4.5% Construction Set Aside Fee for the park
  • State taxes
  • Damage Deposit or Waiver of Liability Insurance. The cost of this depends on which houseboat you rent. Learn More.
  • Rental fees for water toys, such as skis or wakeboard packages, tubes, or kayaks
  • If you bring your pet, there is a daily charge per pet. Look for this amount under Policies on the houseboat details page. We do not allow pets on the 65' Axiom.

Can I arrange for a pre-board of my houseboat?

Yes, pre-boarding—the option to stay on the houseboat the night before your first day—is available!

Pre-Board Request

How do I know where I am on lake?

There are numbered red and green buoys every mile that you can follow with the map provided with your rental houseboat. These buoys serve as navigation and information tools for boaters. Since the water level fluctuates daily and seasonally, the safest way to navigate the lake is by staying between the buoys, which will avoid underwater obstacles that may not be visible from the boat. However, you must keep a close eye on the main channel way between the buoys, as underwater obstacles may also be located there. A pair of binoculars makes seeing the buoys easier.

Can I camp anywhere on the lake?

Yes, there are many secluded beaches that are sandy and perfect for anchoring a houseboat and sleeping under the stars. The only place where camping and anchoring are prohibited is the Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Do I have to move my houseboat everyday?

No, many guests beach their houseboat in an area that appeals to them using it as their base camp. They use their small boats or personal watercraft for water activities and exploring the lake.

Can we drive your houseboat at night?

We strongly do not recommend, please contact National Park Service for more information. 

What do I do with trash and sewage while on the lake?

You can save your trash and dispose of sewage when you return your houseboat. Additionally, there are six pump-out stations on the lake if you need to dump sewage mid-vacation. A third option is to return to the marina and our staff will assist with this need.

Are there washers & dryers on the houseboats?

No, our houseboats are not equipped with washers & dryers. 

Where can I get fuel on the lake?

Fuel is available at the following locations:

Other services include pump-out, ice, boat repair shop, and retail store.

What happens if there is mechanical trouble while out on the lake?

There are three options for requesting assistance from one of our marinas:

  • Each boat is equipped with a Marine Radio – please tune into Channel 16, should you need any assistance. The National Park Service, as well as the marinas, monitor this channel.
  • There is generally cell phone reception if you are in a main channel – feel free to call.
  • There is a Request for Assistance card onboard your houseboat that can be filled out and given to boaters passing by in the event that marine radio or cell phone communication is not available.

What should we do if we have an emergency out on the lake?

In case of emergency you should contact the National Park Service via your marine radio tuned into Channel 16.

In what time zone is Lake Powell?

Since Lake Powell straddles the Arizona/Utah border there is always a little confusion concerning the time zone. All of our south Lake Powell facilities - Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell Resort, and Dangling Rope Marina - operate on Arizona Time, which does not practice daylight savings time with the exception of the Navajo Reservation, which does. Bullfrog Marina and Halls Crossing Marina operate on Utah time. We advise guests to NOT rely on their call phone for the accurate time.

Will I have cell phone reception on the lake?

Generally speaking, most carriers have poor cell phone coverage on the lake. The nearest signal repeater is located on the top of Navajo Mountain and some service can be received by keeping it in your direct line of sight.

How much ice will I need?

Let the experienced staff at Lake Powell houseboat rentals help you decide how much ice you’ll need for your time on the lake. Even better, we’ll deliver it to your boat before your arrival.

How much ice fits in the coolers provided?

Each cooler can hold about two bags of block ice and seven to eight bags of crushed ice. Both crushed and block ice is for sale on the dock in 10-pound bags.

Do I need firewood?

Make the most of your Lake Powell Evenings by sitting around a campfire on the beach of your choice with your family & friends. Firewood is available for purchase at the marina store.