Stop the Delta Tunnels Project

Bullfrog Marina has been serving the California Delta for 78 years. In that time, we’ve learned what a delicate balance the people who use the Delta for work and play must strike to prevent damage to the ecosystems of this beautiful but fragile environment. We have always been proud to support both recreation, agriculture and the natural world in which we function, and without which we could not exist.

Now that world is under threat by powerful commercial interests in Southern California who want to divert the freshwater which is so crucial to the survival of the Delta and the many species which call it home. They plan to do this by excavating huge 40’ tunnels, 30-40 miles in length, which will drain 67,000 gallons of water per second away from the Sacramento River and ultimately the Delta. The people backing the tunnels call this plan “California WaterFix.” They say by taking water from Northern California and diverting it to Southern California, they are helping the entire state manage its chronic water shortages.




In actuality, they are helping large agribusiness and developers to line their pockets at an unfathomable cost to the taxpayers of California, and especially the California Delta and the people, animals and plant life which call it home. The destruction is estimated to cost $17-65 billion and take 10-15 years, depending on who’s being asked and what metrics are being considered. The project will also generate a volume of waste material which would be as long and wide as a football field…if that football field was stacked 10,000 feet high. Ultimately, it would spell the utter annihilation of the Delta as we know it today, rendering it largely unusable in its current form.

The people backing this project are trying to frame it as a “conservation project” which will save the Delta. They offer up a mix of pseudoscience, misdirection and outright lies, both of commission and omission, as justification for the project and a smokescreen to insulate the people who stand to profit from the project from scrutiny. What they don’t acknowledge or admit when talking about the project is their actual motives, intentions or objectives.

The California WaterFix project has been challenged a number of times since 2016, and so far a coalition of farmers, business owners, outdoors enthusiasts and even legislators like Congressman Jerry McNerney under the banner of the Save The California Delta Alliance has successfully blocked the project from beginning. However, even with all the hurdles the project still has to overcome at both the state and federal levels, there is still a lot more work which needs to be done. We need to send a clear and unequivocal message to Sacramento and Southern California that the Delta’s water serves the people of California and elsewhere best when it is left where it is, so local flora and fauna which attracts tourism and outdoor sports dollars can continue to flourish.

And we need your help to do it.

On Saturday, July 29th and Sunday, July 20th, Bullfrog Marina is holding a series of rallies and events to educate and inform people about the California WaterFix project and how it will affect everyone who lives in and loves the Delta. We will be serving up sun, snacks and drinks for all attendees as we discuss why stopping this disastrous project matters and why it needs to be stopped.

Among the topics we will be covering are:

•Why we will win but we need your help

•Current status of our lawsuits

• Upcoming events to support the STCDA and oppose the California WaterFix project

We can and will win the fight to save the Delta, but your support and voice are crucial to our success! After almost 80 years in the California Delta, we at Bullfrog Marina call it home and like anyone else, we want to see our home stay the beautiful, vibrant place it has become. If you love the Delta as much as we do, we know you will feel the same way. Please join us this weekend to help us strike back against the big business interests who want to destroy the Delta for their own gain. It will be fun, informative…and your voice may be the difference between our success and failure. We at Bullfrog Marina, and the other individual and business members of STCDA, look forward to seeing you this weekend!