Bullfrog Marina 2016 Customer Survey Results

Bullfrog Marina2016 is off to an eye-popping start at Bullfrog Marina! After our social media survey, we gathered some very interesting information about what people want to see from us in the coming year. The results were particularly interesting because of what people said they already like about the place, as well as what they want to see more of from us in the future. We want to take a second to thank everyone for their input, suggestions and comments. These have been instrumental in telling us what we’re doing right and what needs to change. All of us at Bullfrog Marina are very grateful for those who took the time to talk to us.

And now, on with the show!

The first question on the survey was “What is your favorite part of Bullfrog Marina?” Anyone who knows Carl and Bear won’t be surprised to find out that the Dynamic Duo ran away with a whopping 52% of the survey votes! Our staff and their friendly, old-fashioned service claimed 19%, while the food we offer got a nod at 12%. We’re very pleased and proud that so many respondents think so highly of our people, two-footed and otherwise!

results for 2016 bullfrog survey

What would you like to see added to the Bullfrog Marina for 2016?

The results for this question interested us because they give us a better view of what our guests want to see from us in the coming year. An overwhelming 43.2% would like to see us put in a restaurant, and BBQ seems to be the landslide favorite looking back to the year we grilled tri-tip for our friends. The problem with this is twofold: space and licensing. We are open to looking into what this would take, but not making any promises. Still, if we can make our friends happy, we’re willing to try! Surprisingly, the next two most popular answers were “Don’t need to change anything” and “More fuel variety/pumps,” each taking 8.1% of the vote.

what would you like added to bullfrog

For Spring/Summer 2016, how often do you plan to go boating or jet-skiing?

We’ve always known that most of our clientele is made up of regular, avid water enthusiasts, but the answers to this question surpassed our wildest imaginings! According to your answers, 18% of people plan to go boating or jet-skiing daily, 18% plan to go at least once a month, and a jaw-dropping 64% are planning to hit the water at least weekly. This tells us that we should expect to see some new faces who quickly become old friends, as well as return visits from people we’ve known and served for years, in the coming season. We’ll be ready for you!IMG_3098

I would like to see a better assortment of ______________ at Bullfrog Marina.

We got answers ranging from wacky to practical on this one. Apparently food is very much on the minds of our guests, and we don’t blame you! An active day out on the water is enough to make anyone hungry, and 37% of you said that food is the one thing you’d like to see more of. Second is beer/wine, with a combined 23% of the total vote. However, what really surprises and humbles us is the third-place answer. 11% of you said “We have it all!”

In 2015, how many times did you go boating or jet-skiing on the Delta?

This question just confirmed what we already knew, mainly that we see a lot more people on the Delta who like to be on the water regularly than casual players. Still, this one surprised us too, mainly because we don’t always realize in the day-t0-day grind just how many people are return customers. Only 4% of our respondents said that they were on the Delta 1-5 times last year. 20% said they came out 6-12 times, so these people are probably weekly or biweekly guests. However, 76% of our respondents said they were out on the water in the Delta more than 12 times last year! We knew you guys were water lovers, but we had no idea so many of you were full-on fish!

As we enter the 2016 season, we at Bullfrog Marina are excited to have this information, because it gives us that many more opportunities to find ways to give our guests and friends what they want. Even if we can’t accommodate every request we got, we will certainly take them under consideration as we move forward to make this spring and summer the best ever at Bullfrog Marina!


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