Bullfrog Marina Hosts The Discovery Bay Chamber Of Commerce After Hours Mixer!

Bullfrog Marina is proud to be part of the California Delta community, and we love to show our spirit! One way we have done this for decades and continue to do so right up to now is by hosting various events and serving as a waypoint for outdoor events of all kinds on the Delta. So far, the highlight of the summer of 2016 for us has definitely been the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce After Hours Mixer, which we hosted on July 26th.

Guests came by land, air and of course water from miles around to participate in the festivities. Captain Frank Morgan brought the largest watercraft to put in at Bullfrog Marina, the 55’ houseboat Rosemarie, fully loaded from stem to stern with guests eager to dance, eat, barbecue and celebrate the peak of summer in style. The star-studded event included VIPs from every corner of the Delta as well as regular folks out to have a good time, mingle, mix and just enjoy themselves. And of course Bear was on hand to greet the guests with the staff of Bullfrog Marina as they got acquainted with each other, the food and the great facilities we’ve installed during our off-season renovations.

During the day, various boats put out for tours of the Delta and to partake in the activities that have made our area a Mecca for outdoors men and water enthusiasts of all stripes, including fishing, water skiing, wake boarding  and of course just cruising around enjoying the beautiful weather. In the afternoon, everyone headed back in toward shore for the official Mixer. No Chamber Mixer is complete without a prize giveaway, and this one was no exception. Prizes ranged from free boat fuel from Bullfrog Marina to exotic bottles of wine and even jewelry. Afterward, the guests ate, drank and made merry while the sun sank into the Pacific and the day turned to night.

Bullfrog Marina was proud to sponsor this terrific event. We’ve been a fixture in the California Delta for over 70 years and enjoy our reputation as both good neighbors and the best place in the Delta to stop for all the things you might need or want for a day out on the water. The marina offers a variety of boat-related services including the Delta’s best and freshest marine fuel, outdoor covered berths, fishing supplies, a convenience store that stocks ice cold beer and soft drinks, champagne, fine wines and cigars, ice, food, snacks and more!

Of course, we also know that just having the best selection doesn’t mean much if we don’t also have the best service and the best people giving the best advice, help and customer service. From Bear, our four-legged guest greeter, all the way up to Carl, the harbormaster, everyone at Bullfrog Marina believes in delivering old-fashioned, neighborly care to our friends and guests. Whether it’s a wag of the tail or a wave to show which way to go to find the best water for fishing, Bullfrog Marina has been the Delta’s #1 fuel and refreshments destination for seven decades and we’re not about to rest on our laurels now!

Working with the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce is always great, because it lets us partner up with others in the community and give back to the area we love so much. The Chamber of Commerce After Hours Mixer is especially fun because it’s all about relaxing and having a good time while getting to know the people behind the businesses that serve the Delta. Probably the best part is knowing that every time we host one of these events we make a lot of people happy, from the winners of the prize giveaways to the folks who just want to hang out, hang loose and kick up their heels.

The next Chamber of Commerce After Hours Mixer is scheduled for September 27th, but the venue has yet to be determined. As soon as the Chamber of Commerce decides, they’ll put it up on their calendar, but it’s always a great time and if you’re in the neighborhood, you’re welcome to drop in! And as long as you’re around, come on by and visit Bear and the friendly, helpful Bullfrog Marina staff. Folks around here already know why we’re #1, and we want to prove it with old-fashioned service and courtesy and the latest and greatest tools, toys and treats for your Delta adventure. We’ll make sure the door’s open for you!