Bullfrog Marina: The Best Fuel On The California Delta!

If there’s one thing we at Bullfrog Marina always work on, it’s how to make sure our customers have the best experience every time they visit. One of the ways we do this is by guaranteeing some of the freshest boat fuel you can get on the California Delta. Unlike some places that only order more fuel when the tanks run low, we have fuel deliveries every week. This helps us to ensure that you’ll always get the best, freshest fuel out there, giving you more go power for your excursion on the Delta!


Another thing we do differently is the incorporation of Biobor EB fuel additive to all our fuel stocks. Biobor has been around since the mid-1960s and is one of only two fuel additives approved by the US Military for use in both aircraft and marine vessels. This treatment helps prevent ethanol-treated fuel, which today means basically ALL fuel, from separating when water enters the system, always a concern in aquatic conditions. In addition, Biobor acts as an anti-corrosion agent, keeping your engine running more efficiently and smoothly for longer than it would with untreated boat fuel.

It is more expensive to take these steps with our fuel, but at Bullfrog Marina, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to any aspect of the customer service experience. It’s this determination to make sure our friends and visitors get only the best in every dimension that has made us the #1 starting point for trips into the Delta, and earned us a reputation that keeps growing every season. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews from Yelp!

Dave is the man, gas prices are the best on the delta. A must pit stop on your way to Windmill or Tiki. Snacks, beer, bait, gas…bullfrog has ever thing you need to have a good time on the water… – Chris, 5 stars


Carl and Dave run a top notch Marina, just located outside of Discovery Bay.  Not only do they support our Local Charities they offer great fuel at great prices.  I run their Fuel in my Boat and have never had any issues.  They are the only Marina I know of that uses BioBor in their fuel. – Glenn, 5 stars


They have the best prices on boat fuel! The convenience store is fully stocked. We were camping on a near by island and ran out of supplies.  We called Bullfrog after hours and they were kind enough to open up and to let us fuel up.  Thank you Carl, you made our trip! – Bonnie, 5 stars


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to choose Bullfrog Marina for your next trip to the Delta. Let’s recap:

  • Weekly fuel deliveries to ensure freshness
  • Fuel is treated with Biobor to make it better for your engine
  • Shortest 5mph zone in the entire Delta, meaning less time on slow running
  • Easy access, letting you get in, gas up and get out again quick
  • The best people and most comprehensive stock of food, snacks, beverages and boating supplies on the Delta

We’re proud of our reputation, and we’re working hard to keep it. Even during the big drought last year, we had people coming in from all over the country to check out the angling, boating and water sports action. With summer coming on fast, we’re expecting even more visitors than ever before this year, and we’re ready! We’ve been working on offering a better selection of food and  what we offer based on our social media survey of YOU, our friends and clientele, so that we can make sure we keep giving you the service you’ve come to expect for over 70 years in the coming season and for years to come.

To learn more about Bullfrog Marina’s services and offerings, and how we can make your excursion to the Delta better and more fun, we encourage you to give us a call at (209) 465-9610 or just motor on in and tie off! Carl, Bear and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you any way we possibly can, with tips and information from the latest weather data to the best places to catch a fish and the best times of day to find them. Also, keep checking out our blog for updates on the latest news, events and offerings from Bullfrog Marina. We’re ready and waiting to show you what real California Delta hospitality look like, the same we’ve been doing it for seven decades!