Delta Fishing Report

With the official and astronomical end of summer behind us, in the form of Labor Day and the autumnal equinox respectively, it’s time to start thinking about fishing season. The California Delta has long been a haven for experienced anglers and novices alike, offering up a bounty of sturgeon, striped bass, king salmon, bluegill and catfish, just to name a few species that call the area home.  Many of these fish are in season year-round, although bag limits and minimum size restrictions vary by species. Because of the Delta’s varied underwater landscapes, you can generally seek out the perfect place to catch the kind of fish you favor, whether you’re looking to bag a monster sturgeon or a couple of succulent catfish for your frying pan.

California Delta Fishing

Bullfrog Marina has been a favored base of operations for fishermen (and women!) of all skill levels for over 70 years. We’re proud to host fishing tournaments, which is great because we’re located right in the middle of prime territory for a variety of different fish. Our covered slips and moorings were constructed with the needs of both recreational boaters and anglers in mind, so getting in and out quickly is never a concern at Bullfrog Marina. We also offer one of the few high-speed refueling platforms on the Delta. Most places are located in 5mph no-wake slow zones, but not us!

California Delta Fishing

Our attention to detail continues inside, where you can find fishing supplies, food, beverages, ice and all the essentials for a quiet day wetting a line or a fast and furious tournament haul. We have weekly fuel deliveries to ensure you always get the freshest boat fuel around, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can answer just about any question you might have about the Delta.Delta Fishing- Lots of fish

Sometimes, though, it pays to talk to the experts directly, and at Bullfrog, we’re proud to recommend as our go-to map and fishing location resource.  Richard is a lifelong angler whose maps include GPS coordinates, waterway depth and sounding characteristics, what types of fish congregate where and prime mooring and anchorage spots for the best possible results. These maps are large enough to be easily legible, waterproof and tear-resistant, allowing you to use them again and again! Since we’re talking about it, we thought it would be a good time to sit down with Richard and get some tips about hooking the perfect catfish from him. After all, we’re all neighbors here on the Delta!

Delta fishing


Bullfrog: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Richard! Do you have any tips, tricks or hacks for people who want to try their hand at trying for catfish but have never done it before?

Richard: Catfish are abundant in the Delta. Early morning or late evening, as the sun sets. are your prime times. Drop a line in the river overnight, you’ll have catfish for breakfast.

Bullfrog Marina area has some of the best catfishing on the Delta. Look for cattails in the water, overhanging trees and if you have a depth finder, look for the deep holes near the shore lines.

Bullfrog: Thanks so much, Richard! We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.

When you’re planning your California Delta adventure, Bullfrog Marina is the place to get all your supply and informational needs met in one convenient location. Give us a call or cruise on up and say hi! We’re always happy to see new faces and make new friends. Check out Bullfrog Marina the next time you come through, and see how much difference the right base of operations can make on your next fishing trip!

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