Seasons at Lake Powell

Seasons at Lake Powell

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Which season is best for you?



As the snowpack from the higher elevations melts, the water levels begin their seasonal rise each spring. It’s a spectacular time to visit, while the air is still cool, the lake is still quiet, and the new fish are spawning. Whether you are a student on spring break, a senior who prefers cool and quiet, or anyone who loves to fish, springtime is your time at Lake Powell. 


Summer is prime time at Lake Powell. The days are long and sunny, the water is luxuriously warm and the sunsets are breathtaking. You just can’t beat it. For relaxing, exploring, and adventure, summer is ideal for families, college groups, workgroups, friends, and virtually anyone who loves water sports, from skiing to wakeboarding to kayaking to swimming.


You get a combination at Lake Powell in autumn: Warm water and cool nights. You also get great fishing, less boat traffic, and more room to hike (North Lake or South Lake). For all these reasons and more, autumn at Lake Powell is perfect for retired couples, families with older children out of school, hikers, campers, anglers, and couples looking for the perfect weekend retreat.


Tranquility gets redefined each winter at Lake Powell. If you are looking to escape from the speed and pressure of a fast-paced life, this is the time – and place – to do it. Lake Powell takes on a special intimacy in winter, allowing you to get closer to nature. Boat traffic is minimal and the quiet solitude will take your breath away. Winter is just perfect for couples, anglers, and anyone seeking a relaxing holiday escape.

Average Temperatures, Rainfall, and Sunshine at Lake Powell

Month Average High Temp* Average Low Temp* Average Surface Water Temp* Rainfall Sunshine
January 45 24 47 0.6" 75%
February 53 31 46 0.5" 75%
March 61 36 52 0.7" 77%
April 72 46 54 0.5" 82%
May 82 52 64 0.4" 87%
June 90 62 70 0.2" 86%
July 97 71 76 0.6" 79%
August 94 69 80 0.7" 79%
September 88 60 76 0.8" 82%
October 77 46 69 1.0" 80%
November 59 36 62 0.7" 75%
December 45 25 53 0.5" 73%

* Fahrenheit Degrees