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Current Weather

Lake Powell Weather Conditions

Few places have weather as dependably sunny as Lake Powell. Here are the temperatures headed our way - to help you plan your trip... or just wish you were here! Planning when to come? Learn about the seasons at Lake Powell. 

Wahweap Marina - Page, AZ | Bullfrog Marina - Bullfrog, UT
Castle Rock Cut Status | Lake Powell Webcams

Weather at Wahweap Marina - Page, Arizona

Weather at Bullfrog Marina - Bullfrog, Utah

Castle Rock Cut: Closed

What is "the cut"? Castle Rock Cut (a.k.a, "the cut") is a lake shortcut between Wahweap Bay and the main channel of Lake Powell. Depending on water levels, the cut can either be open or closed.

Lake Powell Webcams

To see what is currently happening at Lake Powell, we invite you to explore the National Park Service webcams set up around the lake.